Weathervana app is now available for download at the AppStore.

Key Features:-

  1. Create locations and points of interest
  2. Add to workspace and customize its layout
  3. Check its weather at a glance
  4. Get Weather details and alerts along with nearby places, events and items of interest.
  5. Optimized for iOS 7
  6. Empower yourself

Other features:-

  • Fixed layouts show pre-defined templates of city lists selected by us to include weather and details about extreme cities (hot and cold), beach destinations, top travel destinations and other cities of interest. 
  • Flexible layouts allow you to add any location around the world to your library and then add this location to your workspace for weather monitoring. Add upto 25 cities or locations to your workspace and arrange them in your workspace the way you want. 
  • Access details of weather and more for each location added – including weather details, hourly forecast, weekly forecast including interesting Wikipedia links of articles of places and things of interest nearby for the location chosen. 
  • Weathervana also shows you any weather alerts or warnings for the location chosen. 
  • Easily search for exotic or interesting locations by browsing on the world map and dropping a pin anywhere to monitor its weather and other details. 

With Weathervana, you can monitor weather for many locations globally or locally your way, in your style quickly and efficiently with a fresh, new perspective.

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