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Latest news and information about upcoming releases of Weathervana Dashboards, Weathervana One and other cool stuff

Weathervana v4.1 with iOS10 support is available for download

Weathervana v4.1 is availble on the Appstore. New features include :- Support for iOS10 and over Improved help Improvements in support with easy access to Weathervana support and twitter Improvements in speed and minor bug fixes Download it today. -- Gary Saggu...

Weathervana Dashboard v4.0

Hi All, You will be pleased to hear that I am finished development on Weathervana 4.0.  Some of the main things that were improved were:- Alerts - are clearly highlighted if there are many cities on the dashboard and there is a weather alert for any of them.  That...

Weathervana Dashboards and Weathervana One planned for next iOS

Next week is Apple WWDC 2016 and we at Weathervana are anxiously awaiting the next release of iOS(most likely iOS10) to bring even more enhancements to our best selling world weather tracking apps - Weathervana Dashboards and Weathervana One. Empower yourself with...

Weathervana v3.1 supports upto iOS 9.2

Weathervana v3.1 is available on the AppStore features - support for ios9.2 - many improvements including better support for weather alerts enjoy

Weathervana v1.1 is now available on the AppStore for iOS7

Weathervana app is now available for download at the AppStore. Key Features:- Create locations and points of interest Add to workspace and customize its layout Check its weather at a glance Get Weather details and alerts along with nearby places, events and items of...

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